The Survival Challenge The Survival Challenge The Survival Challenge The Survival Challenge

The Survival Challenge

The survival challenge course. This is as close as we can let you get to a real life remote survival situation. This event will take most people out of their comfort zones but it will also be rewarding confidence boosting and a priceless life experience.

You will be stripped of all your outdoor equipment and tested with the minimum essential kit. You will be responsible for making your own shelter, sourcing water, finding food and making fire. You will be guided and observed by an experienced member of our professional team to ensure you are safe at every moment with us. This event will replicate the essential routine skills involved in a remote emergency or survival situation, thrown in with this will be some challenging tasks


The survival challenge would be the perfect follow up course for anyone who has done our survival bushcraft and wilderness skills weekend or anyone who wants to push their skills to the limit.


In order to complete this EXTREME SURVIVAL CHALLENGE weekend you will need a positive mind frame, grit and determination.

Start: 3.00pm Fri – Finish 12 Noon Sun

*18+ Only

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