Hunting and Wilderness Skills WeekendHunting and Wilderness Skills WeekendHunting and Wilderness Skills WeekendHunting and Wilderness Skills WeekendHunting and Wilderness Skills WeekendHunting and Wilderness Skills WeekendHunting and Wilderness Skills WeekendHunting and Wilderness Skills Weekend

Hunting and Wilderness Skills Weekend

The Hunting and Wilderness Skills Weekend

We are excited to offer customers an exciting new experience for 2018. The Hunting and Wilderness Skills Weekend is a unique event created by Serious Outdoor Skills that will give you the opportunity to experience and learn essential wilderness skills and the skills required to hunt and stalk successfully.

Here is what you will get up to over the weekend.

The event will begin at 3.00pm on the Friday where we will begin by walking into our camp location and setting up for the weekend .  You will have the opportunity to sleep under a tarp or in a tent. We will show you how to comfortably set up camp in the most efficient way and how to become a confident fire lighter.  As with most of our events, there will be moments when you will be required to use the cutting tools so we will cover safe and efficient use of using a fixed blade knife and a folding saw.  You will have an active part in preparing meals over the duration of the event and be shown the best methods to achieve this. After our evening meal  we will spend some time observing animal behaviour .

Once up and fed, the following morning, we will begin the day with a session on preparing deer from the gralloch in the field to butchering and jointing ready for the table. we will then move on to look at the safety aspects of handling firearms , this will lead us into firing live rounds at set targets using the shotgun, small and large game rifles. you will be shown how to shoot effectively using the best methods for all situations you would encounter.

After target shooting and lunch you will have the experience of observing a live stalk. you will shadow a professional deer stalker and learn all about the UK’s deer species ,how deer are culled, their behaviour and best practice for dispatching . Our evening meal will be made from the deer which was butchered earlier on that day. For the final part of the day we will inform you on the most important legal aspects of hunting shooting and trapping in the UK.

After breakfast  on the final morning  we will spend some time teaching you how to recognise tracks and trails and how to follow signs. You will be shown how to recognise  a range of animal tracks, how to use a tracking stick, methods of taking print samples , learn about action indicators, types of sign and much more . We will even have a go at some stalking related real time games to practice our newly learnt skills.

During the final session we will teach you how to break camp and leave no trace which is very important for all outdoorsman and enthusiasts . Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end –  we will depart for 12 noon

This event will take place near Plymouth, Devon.

Start time  3.00pm Friday

Finish time 12.00 pm Sunday

**Age 18+

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