Father’s Day EventFather’s Day EventFather’s Day EventFather’s Day EventFather’s Day EventFather’s Day Event

Father’s Day Event

The Father’s Day Event will take place at Cotehele, Cornwall

This course is great fun and has a focus on spending some quality time together in the woods. The day begins with some knife skills which will enable you to have a go at creating a piece of carved woodwork to take away with you. This will be followed by a demonstration on several different methods of how to build a shelter so you can go off and build your own sanctuary for the day.

We will be teaching you how to make emergency traps (demo only) and the basics of tracking which we will practice with some fun games later in the evening. During our game preparation activity, you will have the opportunity to fully prepare either a bird, mammal or fish which can be used, if you choose, as part of your meal!. There will be the chance to use different wilderness cooking styles over the weekend which will be done using the fire that you make yourselves! Navigation will be covered on the Saturday evening, hopefully we will have a clear night so we can show you how to navigate using the stars! The following morning will be all about bow and arrow making, we will be using traditional methods to create these and when we are finished there will be a competition to hit the targets that we place out.

Price is £145 for 1 adult and 1 child. If you wish to bring another child there will be an additional charge of £40. Max two children per adult.

**Recommended minimum age 7

Start 9am  Sat – Finish 12pm  Sun

Course participants will be wild camping in their made shelters at our site on the National Trusts Cotehele estate, Cornwall. If bad weather persists through the event we are well equipped with large tarpaulins to keep everyone dry.

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    • 40 £