The Family Bushcraft Course

We, at Serious Outdoor Skills, believe that there are so many outdoor activities which can be enjoyed together as a family.

The Family Bushcraft Course is great fun and has a focus on spending some quality time together in the woods. You will be taught some new skills, which can be put into practice whenever you venture into the woods and outdoors.

The first day will begin with some knife skills which will enable you to have a go at creating a piece of carved woodwork to take away with you and to have as a keepsake to remember the great experience we aim for you to have. This will be followed by a demonstration on several different methods of how to build a shelter so you can go off and use your newly found knowledge and skills to build your very own family sanctuary for the day.

We will be teaching you how to track animals and to look for signs and clues left by the different kinds of wildlife. This is when kids and adults alike can become a “tracker” for the afternoon and put your tracking skills to the test! At meal times there will be the chance to use different wilderness cooking styles over the weekend which will include cooking over an open fire and using a ground oven. This will be done using the fire that you make yourselves!

In the morning is where one of the most fun parts begins. Bow and arrow making! You will be shown, using traditional methods, how to create these and when we are finished, there will be a competition to try and hit the targets that we place out.

All in all, it is our intension to give the entire family a memorable, action packed, fun and informative adventure in the outdoors

The Family Bushcraft Course will take place at Cotehele, Cornwall

Adult Price £75

Child Price £55

Please note: Minimum of 2 participants per booking. Maximum of 2 children per adult.

**Recommended minimum age 7

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