Bushcraft for kids

This activity has been specially designed, by Serious Outdoor Skills, to be a fun, informative, hands-on experience where you will learn some survival, bushcraft and wilderness skills. There will be numerous outdoor activities to keep you active and entertained throughout the morning.

The day will begin with you being shown how to make a shelter using only what is available from the woods. After the demonstration you will have the chance to make your own shelter. Next comes fire lighting, one the most exciting parts of the day. You will be practising various fire lighting techniques, such as using electricity, chemicals and the sun.

Towards the end of the bushcraft event we will be doing some really fun activities which could include bow making, making traps and snares, learning how to track, foraging and much much more.

Unfortunately all good things must come to an end, we will be ready to depart for 1pm

Start 10am

Finish 1pm



This event will take place at the Cotehele National Trust Estate, Cornwall.

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