The Level 2 Diploma in Bushcraft survival and wilderness living skills ( what we have been up to)

If you have been wondering what we get up to on our level 2 Diploma take a look at this!
Natural Cordage

Making Cordage

Making a tipi


collecting water from a birch tree

Collecting water

Natural Navigation

Navigation skills

fire by friction

fire by friction

Bread making

Bread Making

All of this and more

All of this and much much more!

The Diploma is based on the following syllabus
• Cutting Tool Safety
• Game Preparation (mammal, fish and fowl)
• Damper Bread
• Cutting Techniques
• Shelter Building
• Fire Lighting (including friction fire lighting)
• Traps and Snares
• Water Preparation
• Natural Cordage
• Knife Sharpening
• Knife Law
• Foraging (edible, medicinal and poisonous plants, tree identification and tree uses)
• Natural Navigation
For more information take a look at this link

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