Survival and Bushcraft courses in Sweden

Swedish Arctic Survival Adventure

Survival and bushcraft courses in Sweden, Myself and some of the SOS team have recently returned from a winter trip in Sweden. Apart from honing our winter skills we were investigating areas to run our future events and we found the perfect venue. From Jan 2020 we will be running winter Survival and Bushcraft courses from this beautiful area near Kiruna in north of the country.

The cabin where we will be hosting our events is situated in the forest and on the edge of a large freshwater lake. The wildlife in the region is amazing with Moose, Reindeer, Wolverine,Arctic Fox, Wolf and Bear all living in the region. We were quite often treated to sights of the beautiful wild reindeer wandering on the frozen lake.

Sweden bushcraft

The location is a hotspot for Northern lights sightings we seen them on several occasions on our visit this amazing natural phenomenon is worth the travel itself. Some of the activities we will offer on our trips will include Ice hole fishing, making and sleeping inside a Quinzee snow shelter, Dog sledding with the Huskys, Snow Shoeing and more.

Full details of the trip can be seen on the website, see the attached link . So if you fancy joining us in this beautiful winter wonderland get in touch


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