Our first weekend at Gulley Wood, Devon

Survival, Bushcraft and Wilderness Skills Weekend Course.

Last weekend, 28th to the 30th September, Serious Outdoor Skills ran its first Survival, Bushcraft and Wilderness Skills Weekend Course. We had 7 guys mainly from the Plymouth area turn up and what great weather we had. From start to finish we had great sunshine, clear skies and we also had the delights of clear evenings and a full moon.

On Friday evening the guys had signal fires to make, their tarps to set up, some knife safety and cutting techniques to learn then it was time for their evening meal which was trout freshly prepared by them.

Saturday morning began with shelter building which was hard work but rewarding, everybody really enjoyed this task. Some more game preparation was done before a well earned lunch break. After lunch the students had sessions on how to trap, signalling and rescue. This is when we got to torch the signal fires! We also had time to go foraging and learn about some different methods of navigation. As the evening approached it was time for the group to relax and enjoy a great rabbit stew, a fantastic way to finish the day off.

Later that evening the students were taken out into the field and shown how to navigate using the stars which everybody enjoyed.

On Sunday morning bread was made and cooked on the fire and some students added some of their foraged treats to it such as blackberries and hazel nuts to liven it up a bit. We then jumped straight into fire lighting which is a big important session. The group were taught how to light fires in lots of different ways, one of which was fire by friction.

After fire lighting we covered the importance of water and some knife maintenance. At Midday it was time to depart… all good things must come to an end!

Everybody really enjoyed the weekend and we hope to see some of you back in the near future.

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