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The Bushcraft Journal

If you are into Bushcraft and wilderness Skills and you haven’t come across The Bushcraft Journal yet then we would strongly advise that you check the Magazine out. The Bushcraft Journal is a free online magazine which offers top spec articles from some of the leading professionals in the industry.

You can register for free here at and check out past issues.  In the past few issues I started a series on navigation skills, The first article which was in issue 19 was all about preparing for your adventures , planning trips safely which described how to use route cards and we talked about some essential kit.

In issue 20 I explained some of the basic navigation skills such as setting your map, pacing, timing and bearings. There is a lot of information to read up on and if you are interested in Navigation then please go and check it out along with the other fantastic articles.

I am pleased to be on the writers team for the Bushcraft Journal, look out for the new issue which is coming out soon


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