Happy New Year

happy new year

Happy new year


We would like to wish everybody a happy new year and we hope 2018 is a great  year for you.  We have lots of exciting new plans for 2018 we have two new courses on offer so far and more to come later in the year.

We have our new Hunting and  Wilderness skills weekend which teaches students all about animal tracking and behaviour, students get to learn  about gun safety and fire live rounds on  several guns including shotguns , small and large game rifles

You will learn about game preparation and be taught all about processing a deer. Students will also have the chance to witness and join a professional stalker on a live deer hunt.  Full info on this event can be found on the link below

Hunting and Wilderness Skills Weekend


This year also sees our Coastal survival and bushcraft skills course start. We have been meaning to deliver this for a while now and spring will see the first event happen with another running in Autumn time. Students on this event will learn all about coastal skills such as foraging for food, coastal plants , sea weeds and shell fish. We will teach you how to make nets using different techniques and importantly we will cover safety aspects of spending time on the UKs coastline which can be a dangerous place if not treated with respect . Full course info can be found here

Coastal Survival and Bushcraft Skills weekend

2018 will be the first year we offer our Instructors course.  We will be offering a range of courses in survival and bushcraft skills that will be accredited by the NCFE.  These awards will be perfect for anybody wanting to gain a deep understanding of outdoor skills or begin to work in the industry

We are also in the planning stages of offering trips overseas to  Scandinavia, we are hoping to have a number of expeditions on offer later this year

If you plan to book a Wilderness skills course or event in 2018 be sure to call us first . Join the Southwest’s premier Survival Bushcraft and Wilderness skills school

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