An evening shooting with Dan Dooney

The Night before last me and Dan went out for an evening shooting rabbits not too far from where we live. Dan owns a firearms and a shotgun license which is good news for us as we are constantly using game for courses and events and I always prefer to know where it’s from especially after having poor quality game supplied in the past from dealers. We headed out about an hour before sunset the rabbits are very active now feeding in the fields , there are no shortage of them at this time of year and the area Dan has permission to shoot on has a very high population. It wasn’t long before we spotted a few and Dan took his first rabbit of the evening.

Dan taking aim

As the light faded there was lots of activity around, we took a short walk through several fields and managed to shoot another three in a short space of time..

We back tracked to where we began expecting to see that the rabbits had returned but there was no sign of them I think that there was a fox in the area as I have spotted one in this area on several occasions.

Fresh sign left by Rabbit
We called it an evening and decided to gut the rabbits before we headed back. Dan started on the first before I helped him out with the others. It’s important to give the rabbits a firm rub on the belly from head to tail end before you pierce the skin this will empty the rabbit’s bladder reducing the risk of spoiling the meat.Emptying the bladder
After the bladder is empty the belly is pinched and nicked with the blade just enough to release the intestine, the intestine falls out fairly easily due to the weight of it, a gentle shake and most of it is removed, any stubborn bits that remain may need to be removed by hand.Breaking the skin

The intestine
Gutted rabbit
With all the rabbits checked and gutted it was time to get back and clean them off before placing them into a deep freeze ready for our next Course.
First kill

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